Our Expertise


Who we are.

We are a passionate team of professional designers who have been working together in Research and Development (R&D) and Product Design since 2002. We understand the business of design, including marketing, production and project management. Our result-oriented approach combined with the distinctive gift in three-dimensional awareness promotes innovation, intelligent solutions and gaining marketshares for our customers.

In 1982 Patrick Lindon made an apprenticeship in toolmaking and machine tool assemblage. With this solid background, he has an instinctive understanding of what is capable of being manufactured, assembled and maintained. He opened his own design office in 1983. Patrick Lindon Industrial Design is based in Switzerland, with offices in Zürich, Basel and London.

Since 2001, Swiss International Air Lines has been flying Business Class Seating and Cabin Interiors designed by us. Our T71 Furniture System is sold worldwide and is part of the Museum of Design Collection in Zürich.

What we do.

Our design skillfully transforms the essence of corporations into compelling user experiences which support brand strategies. We design products to enable our clients to gain market share and increase corporate reputation and recognition. The services we offer include:
•  Industrial design
•  Product design
•  Product interface design
•  Rendering and mock-ups
•  Signage and guidance systems
•  Lighting design
•  Brand and design strategy
•  Trend forecasting and analysis
•  Graphics and information design

•  Surface and textile design

What industry sectors we are involved in.

•  Aeronautics
•  Machine Industry
•  Transportation
•  Furniture
•  Construction
•  Information and communication technologies
•  Textiles and leather
•  Printing and publishing
•  Public realm

How we do it.

Once the scope of a new project is determined, the real challenge is to see the potential of a product. Strategies are developed to reach target markets and achieve maximum impact. Brainstorming and research allows us to find the balance between solid ideas and possibilities. Drawings and models are sculpted and articulated. Renderings ensure that the customer’s vision for the environment is being realized. Comfort is our priority, followed by the actual shape and feel of the surfaces. 3D modelling offers walk-through animation. Emotions are triggered during passenger testing of our mock-ups. Lighting and infographics complete the look and mood.

Why Patrick Lindon.

We offer Swiss precision and reliability – accurate and always on time.
We deliver the quality and price agreed in the contract.
We are open-minded and easy to work with.

Who we are working with.

Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, British Midlands, Thompson Aero Seating, ZIM Flugsitz, and a bunch which we cannot mention at the moment.

How we approach things.

Product language never stops evolving, and neither do we. Corporate identities are vital. They must be flexible to change with the times and are constantly adapted and fine-tuned to modern tastes. Designers are the trendsetters of the future. We analyze current trends, forecast and develop what will fit into the marketplace one to five years from now.

What we like.

Solving complex problems pragmatically for constrained spaces.
Creating sustainable design for demanding corporations.
Building long-standing business relationships with clients and suppliers.
Delivering results that surpass the clients’ expectations.

What we have published.

Sweet Dreams: Moods and Interpretations in Aircraft Interiors (Karo Publishing, Basel 2011)
Aircraft Interiors: The Basics (Karo Publishing, Basel 2009)
The Making of a Business Class Seat (Karo Publishing, Basel 2007)

What others have published.

Aircraft Interiors (Dorking, UK 2011)
Young European Designers (both in Daab Publishing, Cologne 2005)
Airworld (Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, 2004)
Swiss Furniture and Interiors in the 20th Century (Birkhäuser Publishers, Basel 2002)