KAPSARC Exclusive Villas

The modular T71 Furniture for the research campus

The T71 modular furniture is featured in Zaha Hadid’s 100 villas, which home the campus professors.

Work Table (Article Nr. 520)

Table top and drawer front from are made out of discreet, black MDF. The table legs, drawer and stool frame are made of anodised aluminum.

Iconic Headquarters

The research center’s vision is to become one of the leading global research centers for energy economics, policy, technology, and the environment. Their mission is to promote efficient and sustainable energy production and consumption, to create future value and prosperity for humanity.

Zaha Hadid’s Architectural Vision

The organic form of the structure is capable of continual expansion and transformation. It rises as a cellular structure of crystalline forms from the desert landscape, with a strong protective outer shell which conceals soft, porous sheltered courtyards within the complex.

One of the spacious villas

The objective of the KAPSARC residential facilities is to attract top talent by providing high living standards for families.

Open kitchen plan and living room

The prestigious villas offer a combination of high-end architecture and designer furnishings.

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Courtyard with pool